Tesla Model 3 Horsepower & Torque

Welcome to the most complete Tesla Model 3 horsepower & torque resource online offering a comprehensive list of Tesla Model 3 car specs! The Tesla Model 3 HP & torque data listed on this car performance page is collected from various reliable automotive sources.

Although car horsepower, horsepower RPM, torque and torque RPM engine or EV motor stats are typically identical results across all testing sources, occasionally there are slight variations in this data. This is because there are several methods to measure car engine horsepower and/or torque, which can produce different results.

Data Provided by SAE

To solve these data disparities, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) publishes horsepower measurement protocols for the auto industry to follow in an effort to provide, “a fair, impartial and accurate way to measure and report engine horsepower and torque.” Prior to this program, Tesla Model 3 horsepower and torque figures varied more. Therefore, Sparky Express does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the Tesla Model 3 horsepower & torque figures on this site.

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