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Tesla Tire Service

Tesla Tire Service

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For fast service, please call us! No credit card needed when ordering online. Once the order is placed, we will contact you with a quality ETA, or to schedule your service appointment. Taxes extra, terms and conditions apply.
Tesla Tire Services

Tesla Tire Service Comes To You!

A specialized Tesla tire service that comes to you to fix a flat tire, rotate your Tesla tire, or swap your winter/summer tires at home. Many regular Tesla owners enjoy the convenience of our services from the comfort of their homes. No membership or subscriptions are required, no hidden costs, fees, or surcharges. Just request the Tesla tire service, and a professional Tesla tire technician will be on his way to assist you at home with all your Tesla tire-related problems.

Tesla Tire Repair

Our Tesla Tire Repair provides on-site repair by our Tesla tire tech, ensuring your safe and efficient return to the road. Tesla flat tire repair is available for all Tesla models.

An experienced Tesla tire technician from Sparky Express will come to your location, remove the wheel with the flat tire, inspect the damage, and permanently repair the punctured tire on the spot. We use Tesla-recommended equipment and materials only: Tesla jack pads, low profile hydraulic jacks, properly calibrated torque wrenches, highest quality tire plugs, and tire repair materials. When the job was completed, we will inspect everything, ensuring that you are 100% safe to get back on the road, in your Tesla vehicle.

Tesla Tire Rotation

Maintain even tire wear and enhance performance with recommended tire rotations every 10,000 km with our Tesla Tire Rotation service. We will come to your location to rotate your Tesla's tires front to back. Tesla models with staggered tires are not eligible for this service.

Tesla Seasonal Tire Change

Our Tesla Seasonal Tire Change is a mobile service, ideal for Tesla owners who prefer to stay at home and have the seasonal tire change done in their driveway. Our tire tech will install your on-rim seasonal tires, rotate them, inflate, and torque them according to Tesla's technical specifications. Be prepared for varying weather conditions with our Tesla seasonal tire change service!

How it Works

  1. Schedule an Appointment: Contact us to book your Tesla tire service at your convenience.
  2. Mobile Service Arrival: Our team arrives on the agreed date with the necessary equipment.
  3. Service Execution: We assess your tire needs and proceed with the required service.
  4. Quality Assurance: A final check ensures your tires are optimal for the local roads.


  • Convenience: Premium tire service brought to your doorstep, saving time and hassle.
  • Tesla Expertise: Our team understands your Tesla's unique requirements, ensuring exceptional service.
  • Safety: Proper tire maintenance is crucial for safe driving and optimal EV performance.
  • Extended Tire Life: Regular rotations and seasonal changes maximize tire lifespan.


To book the Tesla Tire Service, call 1-647-819-0490, or make an appointment online on this page.

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