Our Climate Change Pledge

We Are Ahead Of The Game! Climate Change.

As of February 16, 2023, our roadside assistance service techs will no longer drive ICE vehicles (Internal Combustion Engine), in order to achieve our dream: to be the first net-zero emissions roadside assistance company in the Greater Toronto Area!

Climate change pledge, Sparky Express - Tesla charging station.

Our Climate Pledge!

We love our planet and we understand how important climate change action is, at every level. This is why, in order to reduce our carbon footprint when providing roadside assistance in the Greater Toronto Area, we will only drive Tesla electric vehicles. Sparky Express Roadside assistance has become a 100% green roadside provider in GTA ON. This is how we do it!

  • We drive only Tesla service vehicles, because Tesla is the most reliable electric car built so far.
  • We avoid non-essential work related travel, to preserve energy and reduce the number of times we charge our service EVs daily.
  • We use 100% electric automotive tools: we will never use gasoline or diesel powered tools that require fossil fuels to run (air compressors, car battery boosters and chargers, etc). Our tool manufacturers of choice are Milwaukee and DeWalt.
  • We promote the purchase and usage of electric vehicles to our customers.
  • We improve our skills for a bright and healthy future: electric cars.

Book Net-Zero Emissions Roadside Assistance from Sparky Express, knowing that you help our beautiful planet!